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ColorMatch for Sony Vegas

Different Cameras, Same Colors

You will find below information on our ColorMatch plug-in, devoted to Sony Vegas, and whose purpose is to help matching the colors between footages shot from multiple cameras.

Consistent Colors Across Transitions

The FBmn Software's ColorMatch plug-in lets you finely adjust the colors of video events so that they match the colors of others. This helps you produce movies showing the same colors set between all shots of a same scene, even though they were caught by cameras having different color spaces. Among other benefits, you may now have smoother transitions between events.

  • Reference clip

  • Original clip: many colors differ from the reference clip

  • Reference clip

  • FBmn Software's ColorMatch applied: red dresses, blue sky and skins now match with reference

How to use it

The goal of ColorMatch is to adjust the colors of an event so that they match the colors of another event - considered as a reference in terms of colors.

ColorMatch is mostly helpful when several cameras are used to record a scene: because the cameras do not have the same color space, the recorded events look generally different, causing the resulting movie to have raw transitions between the clips of a same scene.

The main steps to use ColorMatch are:

  1. identify one event to be the reference in terms of colors;
  2. apply the ColorMatch effect to the event which needs to be matched to the reference event;
  3. pick a pair of colors in both events: the first color will be modified to correspond to the second color, usually taken from the reference event.
    IMPORTANT: for maximum accuracy, choose highly-saturated colors as much as your events allow. This will lead to better results;
  4. if necessary, pick another pair of colors, and possibly a third pair.

Have a look at the Getting Started video for more details:

There is much more to learn about the ways to use the plug-in. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


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« Hat's off, this is great software, and frankly has saved some footage that I wouldn't have been able to use otherwise. Thanks again for a wonderful package. Absolutely saved my project. »

Phil Bourassa, Producer
Red Swan Films

« I've just completed a lengthy and difficult family project involving clips from films taken at different times (some of them several years apart), with different cameras (some of them quite old) and from different sources (film, the web as well as various video sources). As you can imagine, I had great difficulty in matching these events and doubt if I could have achieved anything like a satisfactory result without your ColorMatch and White Balance Plug Ins. They made my task so much easier and I am truly grateful to you for producing these very clever programmes. »

Richard Jones

« I gave ColorMatch some wedding footage I had given up trying to match for hours using the standard Vegas plug-ins. It provided excellent colour matching with Sony Z1P and EX1 footage. It was able to do so effortlessly with a few simple clicks. I was impressed. I also found it works great with another neat plug-in I use, Vasst Ultimate S Pro 4.x. »

Nigel O'Neill, Videographer

« I really like the ColorMatch plug-in for Vegas. I had to use it in a multicam project and the client is very pleased. ColorMatch managed to match the colors of clips shot with a Panasonic HDC-SD800 and a Canon HF-S10. »

Fred Shadko, Videographer

« The user interface is very, very good and intuitive and I like to work with it. »

Einar Ritsmer, Videographer